Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Happy Birthday Richard Matheson!

Happy Belated  86th Birthday to Mr. Richard Matheson!!

Mr. Matheson ,who as far as I’m concerned the greatest living american writer of horrific ficiton, turned 86 this past Wednesday. Mr. Matheson  has written genre classics for the pulps, mainstream literature, film and Televison.  Mr. Matheson has written 28 Novels, more short stories than I can count, 22 film scripts and at least 48 film scripts! 15 of those scripts were for the original Twilight Zone“ alone! Who can forget „Nightmare at 20,00 feet“?  He wrote the scripts for the famous  Roger Corman/Vincent Price/Edgar Allan Poe films from the 1960s. His two  most famous TV scripts were for  TV films  „The Night Stalker“ and  „Duel“.
Mr. Matheson‘s stories and novels are a heady mix of SF and Horror. His Vampire apocalypse novel  „I am Legend“ is probably the  greatest SF horror novels of all time. I recently did a fairly large Richard Matheson re-read this winter and his short stories have aged exceptionaly well. Much of his work is still in print. So go check  him out. And i mean  now!
He is also, to my knowledge, the last survivng writer who appeared in „Weird Tales“ during it’s original incarnation.
The man is a true national treasure of the macabre and a giant in his field.
Happy Birthday Mr. Matheson!!

Time hasn't been in abundance these past two weeks. I had a telephone converstion with the great artist Mr. Murray Tinkelman this past Sunday and I hope to have it written up as soon as I finish renovating our bathroom. "She who must be obeyed" takes priority this time! ;-)

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  1. Nice to see those early paperback editions of the Shock anthologies - I've managed to pick up I, III, and Waves, but have yet to find II for my collection.

    1. Hi Bob,
      I lucked out and have all 4. Keep checking Ebay and abebooks. Eventualy you'll find an affordable and collectable copy.

      take care.