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A Cavalcade of Robert Bloch Anthologies!

A Cavalcade of Robert Bloch Anthologies!

  The man himself!

I’m going to do this a bit differently this time around. I’ve been so busy in the garden this week now that winter is finally over and my parents are arriving on Friday for a three week visit. Sadly, neither has left me any time to actually read an anthology this week and then prepare and article about it.

So what I’m doing for this weeks posting is presenting scans of all the Robert Bloch anthologies that I own and haven’t had a chance so far to cover in-depth. So you be seeing some nice quality scans of both front and back covers with a listing of the contents.

I’m sorry, but this is the best I can offer this week. I figured that a quickie would be better than going another 3 weeks with posting anything.

Robert Bloch, for those of you who might not know, was one of the horror genre’s most prolific, popular and successful writers from the 1930s up until Mr. Bloch’s death in 1994. He wrote over 34 novels, and over 40 collections of his short stories have been published. He wrote numerous scripts for radio, television and film during his career. Many of these scripts were based upon his short stories. He is of course most famous to the general reading public as the “AUTHOR of PSYCHO! As the blurb on every single Bloch novel or collection will let you know. He was also one of the original members of the “Lovecraft Circle”. He even once received written permission to kill of HPL in a story from Mr. Lovecraft himself. HPL then reciprocated by killing of Mr. Bloch in another story.

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Bloch about as long as I’ve been reading. Some of the films he scripted, such as “The House that Dripped Blood” and “Asylum” are also among my favourites since my early teens. He also wrote to wonderful horror themed scripts for the original “Star Trek” series.

Now let’s take a look at those collections.

Nightmares: Ten Weird Tales.

Belmont Books. 1961. $0.35


More Nightmares: Weird Tales by Robert Bloch

Belmont Books. February 1962. $0.50


Horror-7: Tales of Shock and Terror

Belmont Books. February 1963. $0.40


Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper: Tales of Horror

Belmont Books. January 1962. $0.50


Atoms and Evil

Fawcett Gold Medal Books. August 1962. 0.35


Bogey Men

Pyramid Books. March 1963. $0.40


Tales in a Jugualr Vein

Pyramid books. February 1965. $0.50

Cover by Jack Gaughan


·         7 • Sabbatical • (1959) • shortstory by Robert Bloch

·         17 • Double-Cross • (1959) • shortstory by Robert Bloch

·         36 • The Past Master • (1955) • novelette by Robert Bloch

·         60 • Terror Over Hollywood • (1957) • novelette by Robert Bloch

·         83 • A Home Away from Home • (1961) • shortstory by Robert Bloch

·         91 • Rhyme Never Pays • (1957) • shortstory by Robert Bloch

·         101 • Night School • (1959) • shortstory by Robert Bloch

·         112 • Pin-Up Girl • (1960) • shortstory by Robert Bloch [as by Will Folke ]

·         120 • Founding Fathers • (1956) • shortstory by Robert Bloch

·         139 • The Deadliest Art • (1959) • shortstory by Robert Bloch

The Skull of the Marquis De Sade

Pyramid Books. January 1966. $0.50
(And yes, That'S Peter Cushing.) 


Chambers of Horrors: 
Twelve spine-chilling trips into the mind of the author of PSYCHO

Award Books. 1966. $0.60


The Living Demons:

Swarm Beyond the boundaries of their Nightmare World

Belmont Books. September 1967.  No cover price.


Dragons and Nightmares

Belmont Books. 1969. $0.75


Dragons and Nightmares

Belmont Tower Books. 1972. $0.75


The Best of Robert Bloch

Ballantine Books. November 1977. $1.95


Mysteries of the Worm: All  the Cthulhu Mythos Stories of Robert Bloch

Zebra Books. 1981. $2.95

Edited by Lin Carter.


 Sorry that I didn’t have time to comment on any of the stories. I’ll be covering these collections with postings that’ll be much more in-depth sometime in the future.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.