Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Contest time!!!!

I’ve received over 5000 hits and that means it’s time to give some shit away!

Hey Folks,
     I’ve been doing this Blog since January and this is my 34th posting. I was looking at my statistics and saw that I’ve know received over 5000 hits! I don’t really think that my Blog has been read 5000 times. I figure that most of those are Google hits from people looking for photos and scans.

But I figure that it worth celebrating anyways. So I’m holding a little contest. The first reader who can tell me what book this scan is from will receive a free copy of “The Ghoul Keepers”! I’ll send it anywhere in the world since it’s small enough to be mailed as a letter.
So who ever posts the first correct reply wins the copy of “The Ghoul Keepers”

                                    What is the title of this book?

                                                                   THE PRIZE!
         I bet that you're starting to slobber already!

The 2nd contest, although a little bit easier you the reader, will be a purely subjective decision on my part. I’m looking for  constructive criticism and/or suggestions on improving this Blog and increasing my readership. It’s starting to get embarrassing to constantly be trolling for the “Horror Bunker” in all of the FB groups that I belong to,  over at "The Vault of Evil" and the REH Forum. I love compliments, but this time I mean it when I say that I’m seeking suggestions and constructive criticism. So comments such as “It’s great, don’t change a thing” or “you suck” don’t count.
So which ever reply pleases me tho most wins a nice copy of Robert Bloch's "The Star Stalker". It was published by Pyramid books back in 1968. 

                         A highly coveted copy of Bloch's Hollywood Expose´

And lastly I want to thank all of the other Blogs and Pages who have been kind enough to advertise “The Horror Bunker” and subsequently helped immensely to increase my readership.


I’m indebted to all of you and all of you have my thanks!
Thank you!

That’s it for this week.

Take care everyone and may the center hold!


The Contest is now closed!
Since I only had 3 replies there are 3 winners!


  1. re: contest -- The Red Brain, an anthology edited by Dashiell Hammett. Great collection, too, from what I remember. Thanks! - Roger R., Richmond VA

  2. Hi Roger,
    WE HAVE A WINNER for the 1st contest!

    Take care.

  3. Your website is a reminescence of old paperbacks and that has a small target audience. People my age normally don't care. The internet audience these days prefer music videos, sports, and porn. There are very few readers out there. There are fewer out there who will go out and read about authors (besides current bestsellers). That being said, it might be helpful to mention current reprints of the older authors you cover. For example, their is a trade paperback of Psycho that was reprinted back in 2010 and there is at least one copy in every Barnes and Noble that I go to. Some people may be too lazy to go out and find a vintage paperback but they mind identify more with a reprint of the old good stuff and then appreciate yourwebsite more because they've read a newer printing of the stuff that you cover. This may defeat the purpose of having a website on vintage paperbacks although you could talk about the newer releases with the perspective of "here they are currently, buy them if you can't find the older copies". I hope this comes out clearly and that it may give you something to work with. If I think of something that may be helpful, I'll let you know.

    Nick Montelongo